Vehicle Tracking:

Small, concealable, simple (only 2 wires). External antenna(s) are not required.

Vehicle tracking device (VTD), can be easily and quickly installed under vehicle’s dash-board.

Installation takes about 5 minutes by connecting only 2 wires (Power and Ground).

The built-in ultra-sensitive Cellular and GPS antennas make this a simple yet sophisticated GPS Tracking device.

Privacy Control

is maintained by one-to-one communication between the owner and vehicle. No need to subscribe to third party server or website where unintended individuals may access private information. Ideal for families, car dealers, employers, small business, and more.  


Multiple Views:

A FREE phone call placed to the tracking device is followed by a text message reply directly to the caller’s cell phone.

The text message includes a link to Google Maps.

Once the link is ‘clicked’:

Google displays a map with a pin identifying the location of the vehicle being tracked, detailed street address (whenever available) and multiple views’ for user’s selection: Map view, Satellite view and Hybrid view.

When cellular or GPS connection are lost, the last known coordinates (continuously being updated inside the tracking device memory) are shown in the Google link, so in the example of a vehicle entering underground parking structure, where GPS signal is not available, the entry point to the parking is being displayed.

Two Ways To Request And Acquire GPS Tracking Information:

  1. 1.Placing a phone call

  1. 2.Sending a Text Message (SMS): SMS is a Store And Forward service. In the event the cellular service is disrupted, the Text Message request stays in the (Cellular Network) queue till such time when the service is reinstated, followed by the text message (tracking information) reply being sent back to the caller.