Power Controller Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and anything you wanted to know.

  1. Q.  What type of cell phone is needed to operate the Intelligent Power Controller (Smartphone, web enabled phone, etc.)?
      A.  Any basic cell phone will operate the Power Controller. There is no need for Smartphone or web enabled phone. For administrative functions
           (adding/removing authorized names, etc.), text messaging feature should be enabled. 

  2. Q.  How far from the Controller I need to be in order to operate it?
A.  There is no distance limit as long as you have cellular service. You can be in New York and operate a Power Controller in Los Angeles.

  3. Q.  Can I find who activated the controller at 2:00AM?
      A.  The Intelligent Power Controller can send a text message to a pre-assigned cellular phone with detailed time-stamped information about any
           activity or attempt. If you are the owner or designated administrator the controller can send text message or e-mail to your cellular phone
           Alternatively, you can connect to the controller with your computer’s serial cable to retrieve the most recent 1,000 activities.

  4. Q.  Can I find who (illegally) attempted activate the controller?
      A.  The intelligent Power Controller can be configured to send you an immediate detailed text message and/or email as an illegal attempt occurred.

  5. Q.  Do I log-into a website to activate or program the controller?
      A.  For security and privacy reasons the system is based on direct one-to-one communication between the user and the controller. There are
           neither website nor log-in procedures.

  6. Q.  Do I need a special PIN to activate the controller?
      A.  There is no PIN to enter. You dial (speed-dial or dial by voice command) the controller’s assigned telephone number. The Intelligent Power   
           Controller verifies that you are registered as an authorized user and responds accordingly.

  7. Q.  How can I add or remove authorized individuals to the controller?
      A.  By sending a single text message command to add or remove (one or multiple) names.

  8. Q.  Can I temporarily add an authorized individual?
      A.  You can add a person to the authorized list as a restricted (limited) entry. This may include your choice of parameters such as number of
           times allowed to operate the controller, day(s) of the week, and from-to time period.

  9. Q.  Can I disable the Intelligent Power Controller?
      A.  Yes, as an administrator you can send a text message command to disable the controller.

10. Q.  Can I receive instantly and immediately information as an activity occurred?
      A.  The Intelligent Power Controller can be configured to send an immediate text message and/or e-mail for any legal or illegal (denied) activation
           attempt. Each message is time-stamped and includes the telephone number of the person who called the controller.  

11. Q.  How does the system know who is authorized to activate the controller and who is not?
      A.  The Intelligent Power Controller keeps in memory a list of authorized telephone numbers. Once you call the controller, it retrieves the
           Caller-ID and compares it to a list in memory. If a match is found, the controller responds. If not, the call is ignored.

12. Q.  Can I review an audit trail for the last few hundred activities?
      A.  Yes, the Intelligent Power Controller keeps in memory a list of retrievable recent activities. Alternatively it can instantly send each
           activity as a text message to a designated telephone or e-mail address for automatic buildup of a history file. 

13. Q.  What is required to install the unit?
      A.  You need small space (4.00” x 3.50” x 1.50”) to mount the unit or place it on a shelf, table etc.. Connect the wire leads to power and control.

14. Q.  How the unit is being installed?
      A.  The unit can be attached to any surface with Velcro, two screws, mounted on DIN rail and connected as described in the answer to previous

15. Q.  Will the Intelligent Controller integrate and work (co-exist) with existing systems?
      A.  Yes, since the Intelligent Power Controller performs the function of a switch, it can be easily connected to existing switches and/or other controllers.

16. Q.  If I lose my cell phone, can anyone else operate the controller?
      A.  Immediately upon notification your cellular provider disables your telephone. From this moment your phone is useless and nobody can
           operate the controller with your phone.  

17. Q.  In one of the answers you posted that I need to dial the number of the controller (or Speed-dial or use voice activated dialing). 
            Do I have to pay each time I call to activate the controller (by using air-time)?
      A.   When you dial to the controller, it does NOT respond to the call. It retrieves your caller-ID and hangs up. Since there is not air time the call is
            FREE and doesn’t even post on your telephone statement.

18. Q.  If my network is locked, Wi-Fi or internet are turned off, hanging-up, or broken; will this impact the Intelligent Controller’s operation?
      A.  The Intelligent Power Controller is a cellular based device and is not tied to or linked to your network or internet service.

19. Q.  I have several wireless devices; will they interfere with my Intelligent Power Controller’s operation?
      A.  The Intelligent Power Controller is base on a Cellular Network, not a Wi-Fi or wireless network. As long as you have cellular service and power
           (from the utility company and/or a UPS), your system should work.

20. Q.  Our facility includes many authorized. Can we add so many telephone numbers as authorized users?
      A.  Unlimited number of entries can be entered when multiple control modules are being integrated into a single power control function. Each module’s
           capacity is up to 2,000 names. 

21. Q.  How long it takes to install an Intelligent Power Control system?
      A.  Few minutes to few hours depending on the complexity of the application.

22. Q.  What type of cellular service is required for the Intelligent Power Control System?
      A.  The intelligent Power Control System works with any GSM cellular provider. The leading providers in the US are AT&T and T-Mobile.

23. Q.  Does IGC provide a complete solution including the cellular service, or does the customer takes care of the cellular service?
      A.  It all depends on customer needs and preferences. Some corporate accounts already have thousands of cellular phones under contract. They
           prefer to add the Power Controller’s cellular service to their existing contract. Others prefer a turn-key solution and single point of contact.