Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Power Control command over existing in-wall power lines:

Optional command-injector and command-receiver can be plugged into wall outlets in order to control devices installed in different locations, saving the cost and time of wiring. This implementation allows installation of the control module in the best convenient location regardless of the location of the device being controlled. 

A DIA (Do It Yourself) kit is available for non technical individuals. Read more ...

Intelligent Power Control:

Placing a telephone call from a landline or Cell phone to the device will turn power ON / OFF alternately - as long as the caller’s telephone number is registered in the control module  (Fig. 1).   A programmable relay module (Fig. 2) provides multiple options for controlling power (relay contacts close or open in one of several modes: instantly, following a preset delay period, momentarily, etc.).

The power module’s dry relay contacts provide the functions of a switch hence it can control any device: lights, motors, A/C, pumps, machines, etc.
Various relay contact power ratings are available. Call for your specific requirements.

Privacy Control: All communications are on one-to-one basis; between caller’s telephone and the control module. No information is routed through a third party website or web server, maintaining the integrity of privacy and control.

Event Log:  1000 most recent calls to the control module are kept in memory, including attempts by unauthorized callers, so traceability is simple. Optionally following each call (authorized or not) a text message or e-mail notification can be sent to the owner, security center, or any authorized individual. Read more ...