Gate Controller Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and anything you wanted to know.

  1. Q.  What type of cell phone is required to operate the Intelligent Gate Controller (Smartphone, web enabled phone, etc.)?
      A.  Any (basic) cell phone will operate the Gate Controller. There is no need for Smartphone or web enabled phone. For administrative functions
           (adding/removing names, etc.), text messaging feature should be enabled.

  2. Q.  When I use a keypad or magnetic card I must open the vehicle window and sometimes get out of the car. It may be a problem
            in winter or at night time. How does the Intelligent Gate Controller function?
      A.  Your cellular telephone (remotely) operates the Gate Controller. There is no need to get out of the vehicle or open a window.

  3. Q.  If I lose my remote control, magnetic or barcode card, anyone who finds it can open the gate. Does the Intelligent Gate Controller
            offers a better and more secured solution?
      A.  If you lose your cell phone contact your cellular provider. They will immediately disable your lost or stolen phone. Your phone will not
           operate the gate any longer.

  4. Q.  Can I stay in my locked vehicle while I open/unlock the gate?
      A.  Yes, you can stay inside your vehicle to unlock the gate.

  5. Q.  How far from the gate I need to be in order to operate it?
      A.  There is no distance limit as long as you have cellular service. You can be in New York and operate a Gate in Los Angeles (granting entry for
           a family member or for a service or repair individual).

  6. Q.  Can I find who unlocked the gate at 2:00AM?
      A.  The Intelligent Gate controller can send a text message to a cellular phone with detailed time-stamped information about any entry and/or
           attempted entry. If you are the owner or designated administrator the controller can send the text message or e-mail to your cellular phone.
           Alternatively, you can connect the controller to your computer’s serial cable to retrieve the 1,000 most recent activities. 

  7. Q.  Can I find who (illegally) attempted gaining entry into the property?
      A.  The intelligent Gate Controller can be configured to send you immediate detailed text message and/or email following entry attempt.

  8. Q.  Do I log-into a website to activate or program the controller?
      A.  For security and privacy reasons the system is based on direct one-to-one communication between the user and the gate controller. There is
           neither website nor log-in procedures.

  9. Q.  Do I need a special PIN to unlock the gate?
      A.  There is no PIN to enter. You dial (speed-dial or dial by voice command) the gate’s telephone number. The Intelligent Gate   
           Controller verifies that you are registered as an authorized user and grant entry responds accordingly.

10. Q.  How can I add or remove authorized individuals to/from the gate control system?
      A.  By sending a single text message command to add or remove one or multiple names.

11. Q.  Can I temporarily add a person (who plans to enter the property for repair, clean or service)?
      A.  You can add a person to the authorized list as a restricted entry number. This may include your choice of parameters such as number of entries
           allowed, day(s) of the week, and from-to time period.

12. Q.  Can I disable the Intelligent Gate Controller?
      A.  Yes, as an administrator you can send a text message command to disable the controller.

13. Q.  Can I receive immediately information as an entry occurred or denied?
      A.  The Intelligent Gate Controller can be configured to send an immediate text message and/or e-mail for any legal or illegal (denied) attempt to
           operate the gate. Each message is time-stamped and includes the telephone number of the individual who called the gate.

14. Q.  How does the system know who is authorized to enter and who is not?
      A.  The Intelligent Gate Controller keeps in memory a list of authorized telephone numbers. Once you call the gate, the Intelligent Gate Controller

           retrieves your caller-ID and compares it to the list in memory. If a match is found, the controller operates the gate, if not, the call is ignored.

15. Q.  Can I review an audit trail for the last few hundred gate activities?
      A.  Yes, the Intelligent Gate Controller keeps in memory a list of recent activities. It can be retrieved. Alternatively it can instantly send each
           activity as a text message to a designated telephone (or an e-mail to a designated address) for automatic buildup of a history file. 

16. Q.  What is required to install the unit?
      A.  You need small space (4.00” x 3.50” x 1.50”) to mount the unit (inside existing gate enclosure or elsewhere). Connect two wire leads for
           activating the gate and two wire leads to power.

17. Q.  How the unit is being installed?
      A.  The unit can be attached to any surface with Velcro, two screws, DIN Rail, etc. and connected as described in the answer to previous question.

18. Q.  Will the Intelligent Controller integrate and work (co-exist) with existing system (Intercom, keypad, magnetic card,

            barcode card, etc.)?
      A.  Yes, since the Intelligent Gate Controller performs the function of a momentary (or push button) switch, it can easily be connected to
           existing gate system with no conflict or impact on any other installed access control system.

19. Q.  What equipment needs to be installed at the gate?
      A.  The Intelligent Gate Controller module is complete and self contained. It can be installed inside the existing gate control enclosure, no
           other hardware is needed. If it is installed remotely (outdoors), it requires a waterproof enclosure.

20. Q.  Do I need to modify the gate in order to install the intelligent controller?
      A.  Modification is not required as long as the gate is motorized or electrical. The Intelligent Gate Controller uses two wires to operate the gate.

21. Q.  If I lose my cell phone, can anyone enter my property?
      A.  Immediately upon notification your cellular provider disables your telephone. From this moment your phone is useless and
           nobody can enter your property by dialing the controller’s number. This is an identical situation to losing a wallet or credit card.  

22. Q.  In one of the answers you posted that I need to dial the number of the gate (or Speed-dial or use voice activated dialing). 
            Do I have to pay each time I operate the gate?
      A.  When you dial the gate, the Intelligent Gate Controller does NOT respond to the call. It retrieves your caller ID (for validation that you are
           authorized to enter) and hangs up. Since there is not air time the call is FREE and doesn’t even post on your cell phone statement.

23. Q.  Our property includes a video camera system at the gate. Can the Intelligent Gate Controller be integrated together with the

            video system?
      A.  The Intelligent Gate Controller is an independent system. There are several ways to configure and integrate it with an existing surveillance
           system. It depends on the type of surveillance system being installed. For example; The Intelligent Gate Controller can trigger an event
           for the video surveillance system to initiate a high resolution recording for predefined number of seconds as well as send snapshots to an
           assigned person (or monitoring center). Alternatively, the Intelligent Gate Controller can be integrated with the video surveillance system
           by providing a Caller-ID (telephone number) overlay (of the telephone that called the gate) over the captured video of the person entering
           the property at that time. 

24. Q.  My kids just started driving. Can the intelligent Gate controller notify me by text message when they open the garage door?
      A.  Once you set up the Intelligent Gate Controller to notify you when your garage door is operated remotely, you can configure the controller
           to send a text message or an e-mail identifying the door operator (your kid) by his/her telephone number.

25. Q.  If my network at home is locked, Wi-Fi or internet are turned off or broken; will this impact the Intelligent Gate Controller operation?
      A.  The Intelligent Gate Controller is a cellular based system and is not tied to or linked to your home network or internet service.

26. Q.  I have several wireless devices at home; will they interfere with my Intelligent Gate Controller’s operation?
      A.  The Intelligent Gate Controller is base on a Cellular Network, Not a Wi-Fi or wireless network device. As long as you have cellular service and
           power (from the utility company), your system should work.

27. Q.  Our office building has 11 floors and many tenants. Can we add so many telephone numbers as authorized users?
      A.  Unlimited number of telephone entries can be stored when multiple Gate control modules are being integrated into a single gate or
           door system. Each module can store up to 2,000 names. 

28. Q.  As guest arrives to an entry where a live-guard was replaced by the Intelligent Gate Controller. How does he/she gain entry?
      A.  The guest does what the live-guard would does. He calls you (the resident) from the gate. Once you approve, you open for him the gate
           by speed dialing (or voice command) from your cell or landline phone.

29. Q.  The live guard was replaced by the Intelligent Gate Control system and now he spends his time patrolling the property,
            being more visible and reporting everything suspicious. When a delivery truck or someone else arrives at the unmanned gate,
            how is the situation being handled?

      A.  Whoever arrives to the property must have a reason. If the homeowner is not reachable or the visitor needs to service the common area, the
           individual calls a telephone number that is posted by the gate. A dispatch or the live guard (who is on patrol) answers, verifies the caller
           or views the live surveillance cameras and makes a decision whether to allow entry or not.  If approved, the dispatch (or the patrolling
           officer) speed-dials to the gate number to allow entry.

30. Q.  What do we gain by replacing our intercom with the Intelligent Gate Control system?
      A.  Here is a list of resolved issues as reported by customers: Vandalism and intercom breakdowns (expensive repairs and frequently
           system is out of order), spitting at the intercom, broken bottles, food leftovers, gathering, talking loudly and shouting at late hours,
           misdialing and calling the wrong resident or tenant in late hours, solicitors calling random tenant, bill collectors calling and shouting.
           Once the intercom system was eliminated, the area is always clean, pristine looking and anyone that has no specific reason to be at the gate,
           is not there. 

31. Q.  In crime ridden areas, even live-guards are intimidated especially in late hours. How can the Intelligent Gate Controller help?
      A.  All activities can be performed from remote locations with surveillance cameras, the Intelligent Gate Controller as a controlling device, as well
           as our Intelligent Power/Light control (see this website section titled ‘Power Control’) for turning On/OFF surrounding Flood Lights as needed.
           Note that some Surveillance video camera systems include built-in bi-directional audio capabilities, replacing intercom system requirements.

32. Q.  How long it takes to install an Intelligent Gate Control system?
      A.  Few minutes in most electrical or motorized gate systems, and up to few hours depending on the complexity and available access to the
           entry system.

33. Q.  What type of cellular service is required for the Intelligent Gate Control System?
      A.  The intelligent Gate Control System works with any GSM cellular provider. The leading providers in the US are AT&T and T-Mobile.

34. Q.  Does IGC provide a complete solution including cellular service, or does the customer takes care of the cellular service?
      A.  It all depends on customer needs and preference. Some corporate accounts already have thousands of telephones under contract. They
           prefer to add the cellular service to their existing agreement. Others prefer a complete solution and single point of contact for any questions.